Surge Suppressors

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ZORC™ is a unique high-frequency transient overvoltage surge suppressor for the protection of motors, transformers, generators and filter banks from steep wave-front, short rise-time, high magnitude, spikes, surges and other transient voltages, generated by switching and certain other sources.

The protective characteristics of ZORC™ provide comprehensive insulation coordination with both the CiGRé and IEEE motor impulse voltage withstand characteristics at all practical surge magnitudes and rise times.

Low Voltage ZORC™

from LVZ400V to LVZ1100V

Single phase ZORC™

up to 15kV

Three phase ZORC™

from voltage 2.2kV up to 13.8kV

Compact ZORC™

typically used in motor terminal box, from 3.3kV up to 6.6kV

RC Suppressor

from 25kV up to 40kV

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