As a core product offering, Strike Technologies continues to strongly focus on its comprehensive range of low voltage industrial earth fault protection equipment. The products have been in the market as the “epc range” since the 1970’s. Their excellent quality and reliability has gained them a strong reputation in the market as a leader in their field.

The EPC group of products provides a wide range of protection options specifically for the large industrial, mining and medical sectors. The protective characteristics include earth fault protection, earth fault current limiting, integrity testing of electrical systems and monitoring of the integrity of certain electrical components.


Adjustable current and time sensitive earth fault relay.

This Electronic earth leakage protection relay is mostly used in operation for residually connected current transformers or core-balance transformers. It also serves as a neutral compensator for restricted earth fault protection.

Elsec and Elcor

Sensitive Earth Fault Relay hello

The Elsec and Elcor present a trusted sensitive earth fault relay and sensor combination to use in the motor control centre, soft starter, variable speed drives, direct online and feeder applications.


DC Sensitive Earth Fault Relayh

This relay is designed for use on earthed battery systems to detect low-level earth fault currents and to give maintenance personnel an early warning of deterioration of insulation, as well as assistance in determining.

Industrial Isoloc

Insulation Monitor and Earth Fault Limiter

The Industrial Isoloc provides a real saving in operational costs of continuous process plants. The damage at the point of a first earth fault is now eliminated. Earth bonding circuits are not stressed in any way.

Hospital Isoloc

Insulation Monitor and Earth Fault Limiter

The Hospital Isoloc insulation monitor and earth fault current limiter, when used in conjunction with an isolated power supply, provides a most advanced form of protection against electric shock due to earth leakage currents.

NERM and NERM indicator

Neutral Earthing Resistor Monitor

Neutral Earthing Resistors (NER) are installed on power transformers to restrict current that would flow under earth fault conditions. The purpose of the NERM relay is to provide continuous monitoring of the integrity of the neutral earthing resistor.

MS1 and MS2

Sensitive Earth

The MS range of Earth Fault Relays is designed to provide fast-acting sensitive earth leakage protection of motors and cables. The MS1 reacts instantaneously whereas the MS2 gives a time delayed reaction.

Earth path tester

Insulation Monitor and Earth Fault Limiter

The EPT is designed to test the integrity of the earth from source to equipment bonding point.

Test probes

Adjustable test probes are designed to stimulate a controlled earth fault on systems where earth leakage relays are installed in mining, industrial and commercial applications.